Dominica: Culture & Events

Dominica's Culture & Events

Our rich cultural heritage comes from our
West African, Carib, French and English influences.

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Events in DominicaEvents

Mas Domnik
(Feb/Mar) Carnival is an important part of our culture...
Read more

(Dec-Mar) Dominica's Calypso- social commentary with a twist! Read more

Dive Fest
(July) Dominica's Annual Scuba Diving Festival- fun for everyone in & on the waterplus parties and land events too!Meet the Mermaids...Read more

Nature Island Literary Festival
(Aug) Celebrate, discuss and promote literature in Dominica....Read more

Independence Celebrations
(Oct/Nov) Creole Culture, Heritage, and Independence...
Celebrate with us! Read more

World Creole Music Festival
(Oct/Nov) Three days of Creole Music - concerts and events. Read more

Creole LanguageCulture
Creole Language
Our basic introduction the the Kweyol language...
read more

Traditional Wear

Learn about our beautiful traditional dress... read more

Traditional Dancing

Learn the traditional folk dances of Dominica: the Bélé, Quadrille and more... read more

Carnival Traditions

Learn about the traditional costumes, styles and sounds of Dominica's carnival... read more

The Kalinago People (Caribs)
The original inhabitants of Dominica are the Kalinago, formerly known as the Caribs... read more

Heritage From A to Z
Dr. Lennox Honychurch explains many terms and historical facts about Dominica's heritage... read more

Carib Canoe Crossing Project
(May) Trainingg for this historical re-enactment all year long, the Welcome Ceremony in Dominica is May 3rd, 2008. Read more

Traditional WearThe Arts
Books about Dominica, books by Dominican authors...
read more

Dominica's Calypso... read more
Music in Dominica... read more

Dominica's Cultural Icons
Authors, poets and artists who helped shape the arts in Dominica... read more

Traditional WearKalinago Blood
Historical Fiction Novel based around the story of Carib Warner. Written by Dominica author Alick Lazare... read more

Forthcoming Activities & Events

Unity Praise Fest
Windsor Park Sports Stadium, Roseau from 4 pm to Midnight. Tickets are $20 Adults, $10 Children.

Christmas Day
Christmas Day Public Holiday

Boxing Day
Boxing Day - Public Holiday

More details on Dominica's Events can be found here.

Annual Events

Here is a Quick Reference to Dominica's major events by month.

February/March: Carnival and Calypso. details Details...

May/June: Hike Fest, the Caribbean Endemic Bird Festival and Domfesta... details Hike Fest Details...
details Domfesta Details...

June/July: Dive Fest. The Kubuli Canoe Race is a highlight of this event. details Details...

August: Cochrane's Rabbit Festival and the Nature Island Literary Festival & Book Fair.
details Rabbit Festival Details...
details Literary Festival Details...

October: World Creole Music Festival. details Details...

November: Independence Celebrations. . details Details...

December: Christmas Celebrations.

Throughout the year many communities have village feasts. Examples are the Feast of St. Peter (held in West coast fishing villages like Dublanc), La Salette in Pointe Michel, or Fete Isidore in Grand Bay. Usually held over a weekend, the feast may start with a church service, followed by events throughout the day, and culminates in a dance in the village hall or school.

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