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They mate for life! Once the Sisserou finds a partner, it remains with it until it’s death. If this is the case then, sometimes they search for another mate but if the remaining parrot is old it will grieve instead.

The Sisserou, Amazona imperialis, is Dominica’s national bird and the larger the two endemic parrots in Dominica.

These precious birds are found nowhere else in the world and are found only in the higher elevation rainforests around the Morne Diablotins and Morne Trois Pitons National Park.

Appearance: Males and females are almost identical in appearance, coloured with of greens, purples, black and orange. Males tend to weight about 900g (32 oz) and females about 650 g (23 oz); they average 20 inches in length.

Diet: These birds eat a variety of fruit, nuts and other local vegetation such as bromeliads and wild anthurium.

Character: Sisserou parrots are shy, they tend to travel solo or in pairs or trios. They live to about 70 years old

  • Nesting occurs during February through April
  • Fledgling occurs June to September

Predetors: These birds are most vulnerable when they are young.

  • Birds: Grive, GriGri and Malfini (chicken hawk)
  • Snakes
  • Manicou
  • Humans

Cultural Importance

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