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Music in Dominica:

A Blend of the Different types of Music

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Music in Dominica

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Introduces former lead singers of the most popular bands in Dominica, Derrick "Rah" Peters and Rohan "Rohe" Williams.


Miss Wendy Robin was born in Dominica and now lives in Toronto, Canada. Wendy describes her music as pop dance with a little bit of R&B flavor and hopes to inspire her listening audience to live and dance.

As lead vocalist for the Toronto based Steady Vibes, she has performed for many audiences in Canada at venues such as the Bamboo night club, Ontario Place, Mel Lastman Square, Static Night Club as well as in Montreal. She has also traveled and performed in the US and the Caribbean.

Wendy Robin is currently working on a video for her single "Ain't Nobody", and her album came out in spring 2000.

Visit her site here.


There is a saying in the Caribbean that to remain at the roots is to rot. RSB has flourished its musical branches. Nourishing the evolvement of a rich, sweet blend of Calypso and a jiving Soca rhythm with shades of Latin, Reggae and Rap, this act calls on its audience to reflect, recall, join in and dance. Theirs is a fresh energy encouraged by the vibrancy of the Dominican culture, the economic difficulties of their environment and rapid transformations in technology.

RSB was formed in 1983. They have just released eight albums to date, uplifting and solid. The band has toured the Caribbean extensively and the US Northeast, having opened for Ziggy Marley, Kassav and many other international acts. They have been featured performers at the Caribbean Festivals and have also backed up many of the leading soca artists. RSB's love of performance and spirited, upbeat rhythms have kept their audiences dancing for sometimes six to seven hours non-stop!

The six members of RSB are all originally from Dominica - The Nature Island. They include: Karl "Kofi" James - Vocals, Engineer ; Maximin Powell - Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals ; David "Da-Dave" Terrell - Bass Guitar, Vocals ; Linden "Spriggly" Lestrade - Keyboards, Drum Programming, Vocals ; Keith "Maxis" Matthew - Trumpet, Percussion and Frankie "Jazz" Bernard - Drums, Vocals. Their musical expressions often reflect history or current social conditions while celebrating the virtues of awareness and change. Most are involved with song writing efforts of the RSB movement.

With the addition of electric bass and drum kits to the local styles of Jin Ping and Ma Zouk, kadance was born in the early 1970s. Beset by political, social, and economic strife, many Caribbean artists turned to music as a conscious reaction to their conditions. Later in the decade bass and drum lines were again altered by technology and foreign influences. The music was re-named zouk and to RSB is an expression of two similar cultures : the unique Afro-Caribbean rhythm colored by a touch of Soca/Calypso and with moderate influences by American groups. Leaders of the zouk movement and influences to RSB were Exile 1, Black Machine and Ignations – all Dominican bands whose names symbolized struggle.

Zouk is a fusion of a range of rhythms influenced by the various Caribbean island sounds, French Creole, jazz, calypso, and reggae. RSB credits its sprit to the cultural vibrancy of Dominica, neighbouring French Islands - Martinique & Guadeloupe. "Our music comes out of a particular geographic, historical, linguistic and political context," says vocalist Kofi. "We have never divorced our music from the pleasures of exile, nor the pains of economic hardship. Neither have we passed over the pleasure of Love." Their songs all convey positive feelings and free movement, encouraging the unleashing of the soul through dance. RSB brings music with a message.

Albums To Date :

YearAlbum Name

1986-Alive (Cassettes)
1987-Break Loose (Cassettes)
1988-Reunion Posse (Single)
1990-Level Vibes (Cassettes/LP)
1991-Watch Ya (Cassettes/LP)
1992-Kadanse' (Cassettes/LP/CD)
1994-Big Time (Cassettes/CD)
1995-96-Incline Jam (Cassettes/CD)
Excerpt from title track (RealAudio 16 sec.)
'West Indian Party' (RealAudio 17 sec.)
1997-Bang Tyme
1998-Tighter Than Ever
Jam II (RealAudio 38 sec.)

Booking in the Caribbean :

Karl "Kofi" James(767) 449 0222
Joseph Powell (767) 449 1033
Linden C. Lestrade(767) 449 2882
RSB Band / Studio Lab(767) 449 0773


The EFEX band was established 4 years ago and have produced two albums to date. Hit songs include "Slow Dancer" (1992) and "Ah Who Dat" (1995). The band got its first overseas engagement last year when they were invited to St. Croix, USVI, to participate at the Caribbean Friendship Festival. While there the band appreared on Channel 8 News and two popular radio stations. Locally they are also much in demand!

1997 promises to be an exciting year for Efex. The next album, "Party Animal" is due out soon.

Carib Jam 28.8 Stereo, 37 seconds, 92Kb


This group now has their own site. Check them out.


The Klockerz Crew was officially established in 1995.The Crew, who are aged between 16-25 boasts 30-40 members, with at least 12 lyricists,like Mr. Wayne "Skinny Banton" Robinson, Ronnie a.k.a Doug Mc Vay, Slice and Camara.

With their manager, Mr. Adrien Martin they have already released two albums: Mentals and Instrumentals and K2. Some of the members have performed with other bands like W.C.K


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