Cadence-Lypso (Kadans)

Cadence-lypso started off in Dominica and developed in the French islands. The French Creole (Kweyol) spelling for the music form is KADANS.

The group Exile One is credited with the formation of this new music, so much so that the by-line “Creators of a New Wave in Music.” Is closely associated with them. At the time, Circa 1978, the group’s leader Gordon Henderson defined Cadence-Lypso as a “synthesis of black, primarily West Indian rhythmic patterns.” The music has evolved over the years and Phillip “Chubby” Mark the most prominent local practitioner of this genre and a member of the Midnight Groovers, describes Kadans as being comprised of three kinds of expressions: Calypso, Mazouk and Beguine. There are many forms of kadans such as Kadans Rampa and Kadans Dous.