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Music in Dominica

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WCK: Windward Caribbean Kulture. This five member performing group based in the capital of the Nature Island, Roseau, has definitely earned its place at the top of the ranks of dance music entertainment due to its unique blend of the island's traditional music and dance - namely Belle, Quadrill, Jing Ping, Mazouk, and Kadance. The end result? A music which they call Bouyon (Boo-Your). CK, for short, has managed to bring back the traditional sounds of Dominica through the use of up-to-date musical instruments thus enhancing and revitalising this once dormant sound.

The Group was formed in 1988 when they produced their first album "One More Sway". In 1990 they recorded their second album "Culture Shock" which started the development of the presently known BOUYON style. Since then WCK records an album every year, capturing the minds and hearts of Dominicans and the Caribbean.

But it was in 1993 when the group recorded its fith album "Forever" (later released on the US market as "Vola Vole") with a song titled "Conch Shell" that put them on the road to international fame. WCK has won many awards and nominations both on the regional and international markets.

WCK has toured to most of the Caribbean countries, United States, Canada, South America and Europe, with plans to go as far as their music can take them.

Band Members:-

Members of Klockerz Krew-Lead Vocals

Cornell "Fingers" Phillip -Keyboards/Lead Vocals

Irving "Smokey" Phillip -Keyboards/Band Leader

Keith Goddard -Bass Guitar

Martindale Olive -Lead Guitar

Albums to date:-

1988/89 -One More Sway 1990-Culture Shock 1991-Follow the Leader
1992-Kannibal 1993-Forever 1994-Traitor on Board
1995-Tou Sho Tou Flam 1996-Original Hold Dem 1997-Too Many Cooks
1998-Marathon 1999-Set my People Free 2000-

Music Videos to date:-

Band Wagon Nomn La Met Veye We doe want no tie


Michael Peters (767) 448-7822
Irving Phillip (767) 448-2739
Keith Goddard (767) 448-7941
WCK Home Studio (767) 448-4209
Cornell Phillip (767) 448-6964


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