Dominica's Top 10 Sights

Of the hundreds of attractions Dominica has to offer, we've distilled it down to our top 10.








Emerald Pool 93,973
Trafalgar Falls 89,498
Ti Tou Gorge 59,855
Boiling Lake 51,425
Morne Trois Pitons National Park 47,985
Middleham Falls 42,596
Glassy Trail & Glassy Pool 38,891
Woodford Hill Beach 38,835
Londonderry Beach 35,890
Isulukati Waterfall 34,719

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1. Boiling Lake: One of the largest of its kind, it's reached after a hard 3-4 hour hike through the forest, crossing over streams and ridges. But if perchance you can't make it, at least go as far as the Valley of Desolation, which is a sulphur spring and geyser park in it's own right.
2. Ti Tou Gorge: A crevice in which hot and cold streams intermingle, a swim in these crystal clean waters leads to a spectacular view of a waterfall. Located after a short stroll from Laudat, at the start of the Boiling Lake Trail. It's also the perfect place to wash away the mud after the Boiling Lake hike!
3. Middleham Falls: A hike through the rainforest of ferns and orchids culminates at the spectacular 150 feet drop into a crisp clear pool of water. You can go via the village of Cochrane or from near Laudat.
4. Emerald Pool: A popular grotto deep in the heart of the rainforest. It boasts an easily accessible waterfall which can be busy when there's a cruise ship in port. But if you time it right, it's a magical spot. More...
5. Chaudiere: This spot in the north-east of the island has it all - a delightful walk in the rainforest culminating in an awesome river pool.
6. Trafalgar Falls: An incredible pair of waterfalls, the beauty of which really lies in their ability to coordinate and offer you a spectacular adventure - climb them, swim them, admire them!
7. Glassy Trail: recently opened, this easy east-coast trail takes you through rainforest to the shore via some spectacular views of the coastline. More...
8. Wotton Waven Across the valley from Trafalgar, this village is famous for its Sulphur Springs, but also boasts several other spots that makes it an ideal place to stay and sample Dominica's delights. More...
9. Gallion: High above the beautiful sweeping bay of Scott's Head/Soufriere, this vantage point is possibly the best place to watch the sunset.
10. Underwater Dominica! Last but not least, there are our spectacular underwater sights. Spectacular diving, delightful snorkelling, whale, dolphins, sea turtles... there's not enough space here to even begin to do it justice, so click here for more.



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