Hiking in the Nature Isle

Details about Hiking in Dominica

“There is only one way to understand Dominica. You have to walk across it and along it.” Alec Waugh, “Typical Dominica” 1948

Hiking & Walking in Dominica


Just as Dominica is famous for its outstanding scuba diving, we are also well known as having one of the most pristine tropical rainforests in the Caribbean islands. Though mountainous, much of this rainforest is easily accessible by way of some exciting tracks and trails.

  • Dominica’s land attractions are as varied & spectacular as below the water. From the stroll to Trafalgar Falls or a wander in the historic Fort Shirley at the Cabrits National Park, to the world-famous Boiling Lake hike, Dominica has something for everyone.
  • Our Waitukubuli National Trail is the longest hiking trail in the Caribbean region. Running from one end of the island to the other, the trail covers 114 miles of terrain revealing every type of habitat that Dominica has to offer.

There’s so much to see and do in Dominica, we’re sure you’ll need some help trying to decide where to go and what to do while you’re here?

This page categorises many (but not all) of Dominica’s excellent hikes and trails by the difficulty of the walk. If in any doubt, please use the services of a guide, and err on the side of caution in the level of difficulty and the time allowed to do the hike.

For a detailed look at Dominica’s trails, hikes and attractions, see the listings below: Strolls, Easy Hikes, Intermediate Hikes, and Hard Hikes.

Note that a Site Pass is required to visit many of Dominica’s attractions. More info on Site Passes here.


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Casual walks through areas of interest, these are good for all age groups and physiques.


Easy Hikes


A short distance along fairly easy terrain. These hikes can easily be done anytime of the day and are generally kid-friendly.

Intermediate Hike


Varying times with terrain that undulates allowing you to work up a good sweat. These are usually half day hikes that are best done in the morning.

Hard Hikes


A long distance and very strenuous, these hikes take most of the day and are best done with a Certified Guide

Tips for walking in Dominica’s Rainforest


Watch out for:

  • High rainfall can cause flash-flooding of even small streams
  • The dense rainforest can get dark quickly in the late afternoon
  • Hikes often cross rivers – watch out for slippy rocks!

What to take:

  • Waterproof rain gear (a poncho will also protect camera gear)
  • Phone / Camera (with extra batteries and somewhere dry to carry them)
  • Headlamp (in case it gets dark)
  • Insect repellent (but don’t worry, we’ve no poisonous creatures!)
  • Sunglasses
  • Bathing suit – the opportunity to swim may appear
  • Always have an extra pair of clothes and socks (either with you or in your vehicle)

Wear comfortable clothing

It will be humid, but depending on the hike and season it can also get chilly.

  • A hat
  • Shorts or light pants
  • Sneakers with good treads or (waterproof) hiking boots

Eco-Tourism Site Passes

Many tourism sites around the island require a Site User Fee (Fees below effective May 2013).

Eco-Tourism Site Passes

  • Site Pass US $5
  • Weekly Pass: US $12

Waitukubuli National Trail Passes

  • 1-Day Pass US $12
  • 15-Day Pass US $40
  • Special Pass for Organised Tour Packages (1 Day) US $10

Passes are available from Cruise Agents, Tour Operators, Car Hire Agencies and at various other locations around the island. Passes can also be bought from officials at some of the sites or from Forestry, Wildlife & Parks Division on Valley Road or in the Botanical Gardens, Roseau (266-3817).

All Hikes

Sort through the list below to see which best suits you

View from the trail to Glassy, in Boetica on the east coast of Dominica

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Victoria Falls

Summary: Spectacular East coast Falls.
Time Commitment (2):

3 - 4 hours

Chaudiere Pool

Summary: Plunge pool deep in the rainforest.
Time Commitment (2):

30 mins

Glassy Trail

Summary: Trail down to spectacular coast
Boetica, Glace Trailhead
Time Commitment (2):

1 hour

Titou Gorge

Summary: Small waterfall deep in a gorge.
Titou Gorge, Laudat
Time Commitment (2):

5 mins

Popular for:

Swimming up the gorge

Champagne Beach

Summary: Popular stony beach good for snorkeling
Pointe Michel
Time Commitment (2):

5 minutes

Papillote Tropical Gardens

Summary: 4 acres of exquisite botanical gardens with developed trails crossing hot and cold mineral streams
Papilliote Wilderness Retreat, Trafalgar

Scott’s Head

Summary: Scott’s Head lies at the southern tip of Dominica.
Scotts Head

Dernier Falls

Summary: Dernier Falls
Grand Fond
Time Commitment (2):

20 - 30 mins

Charles Warner Trail

Summary: Trail to two delightful pools
Dr Nicholas Liverpool Highway
Time Commitment (2):

2 hrs

Soltoun (Salton) Waterfalls

Summary: Collection of Falls
Time Commitment (2):

1 hour

Waitukubuli National Trail: Segment 13

Summary: Penville to Capuchin (WNT Segment 13)
Penville, Saint Andrew Parish, Begin Segment 13
Canna Heritage Park, Capuchin, End Segment 13
Time Commitment (2):

3.5 Hours

Journey Distance:

8 km / 5 miles

Waitukubuli National Trail: Segment 12

Summary: Borne to Penville (WNT Segment 12)
Borne, Saint Andrew Parish, Begin Segment 12
Vieille Case
Penville, Saint Andrew Parish, End Segment 12
Time Commitment (2):

7 hours
Difficult - Recommended for strong hikers who are very experienced.

Journey Distance:

9.5 km / 5.9 miles



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