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Elizabeth "Pampo" Israel

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World's Oldest Person

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Did you know, the year Ma Pampo was born:

Ulysses S. Grant
was US President.

Victoria was Queen of England.

Dominica's population was only 28,000.

Dr H. A. Nicholls 'discovered' the Boiling Lake.

British Prime Minister Disraeli maneuvered to bring the Suez Canal, which was completed in 1869, under British control.

George R. Carey of Boston proposed a television system.

The US Congress passed the Civil Rights Act, guaranteeing blacks equal rights in public places and banning their exclusion from jury duty.

The United States Hotel in Saratoga Springs, New York, and San Francisco's Palace Hotel both opened, each proclaiming itself to be the largest hotel in the world.

Thomas Edison invented a duplicating process that used a wax stencil, an early version of the mimeograph machine.

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Elizabeth "Pampo" Israel
Born January 27, 1875 in Dominica, West Indies

14th October, 2003
Elizabeth "Pampo" Israel Passes Away
See 17-Oct-03 Issue of The Chronicle on

About Ma Pampo | A Special Visit | The Pampo Foundation | Learn More

About Ma Pampo

January 27th, 1875, was the date that Dominica saw the birth of its most illustrious daughter, Elizabeth Israel. According to official records of The Roman Catholic Church (Roseau Diocese), Magdeline Israel, mother and an undocumented father gave birth to baby Elizabeth. Although Elizabeth's mother resided on The Colihaut Estate situated on the west coast of Dominica, she while in an advance state of her pregnancy with Elizabeth; migrated (by foot) to an area of The Picard Estate called Tibay. It was in Tibay that "Pampo" was born and being the first of her mother's six children, she enjoyed the luxury of their trash covered, mud-paved house.

"Pampo" grew up to be the second mother of the family making way for her mother to continue her duties as a laborer on the Picard Estate, where she worked for less than a penny a day. It was not long however, at the age of 12 that Elizabeth who was then a student at the Portsmouth School, joined the labour force on the same Estate. School days for "Pampo" was over and it was survival time. The years were long, time was hard but with determination, sweat, and courage "Pampo" persevered. Her direct quotes will fully disclose those years of trials.

126 years after her birth, (soon to be 127 in a couple of weeks), this lady is still alive and well. Pampo the world's oldest, ever documented human, currently resides in Glanvillia, Dominica, W.I.

Photo and Text Compliments of Alex Bruno © 2000

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A Special Visit

In July, several residents of the Roseau Infirmary had an outing to Portsmouth and stopped in for a visit with Ma Pampo.

Miss Flora Smith (91) greets Mrs. Elizabeth "Ma Pampo" Israel (126)
Miss Smith Greets Mrs. Israel
Photo by Sister Catherine. © 2001 All RIghts Reserved.

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Objectives and Purposes of the Pampo Foundation

The Pampo Foundation is a non-profit charity geared at promoting mainly the long life mystery of Elizabeth "Pampo" Israel and other Dominican centenarians.

Pampo, who was born on the 27th day of January 1875, is the World's oldest ever documented human (according to Neil Haynes - Spokesman for Guinness World Records in London, although Guinness has not conferred that official title on her) and the foundation will frantically promote her as a genuine gem and a real wonder in the Nature Isle.

The foundation will also promote Pampo as a Dominican Treasure and no efforts will be speared at capitalizing on her amazing achievement. Pampo is indeed a hero and advancements will be made at endorsing her as a certified National Emblem in whose honor a National Holiday should be declared. The Foundation will also seek to advise that Pampo be awarded the highest Award in the Island of Dominica (The meritorious Award).

The foundation expects to work with Government to ensure coherence in the promotion of this stalwart woman and will make representations on her behalf at every forum.

The foundation will work for or towards the long term good of Pampo, her generation and the other Dominican centenarians and their relatives at all times.

The foundation will endeavour to coordinate all media releases, promotion and other such activities on behalf of Pampo and will responsibly inform her relatives and friends of its every activity.

The foundation will lobby on the behalf of Pampo at all times for any and every benefit associated with such a long life feat including official recognition by Guinness World Record and other such organizations. Each year, the foundation will organize a Cultural Exposition honor of Pampo, to coincide with her birthday.

It will be the responsibility of the foundation to embark on a full-scale program of education with respects to the amazing facts about Pampo and the other Dominican centenarians such as Rose Peter from Glanvillia who was born on February 21st 1893 and had survived 118 years to the date of the foundation. The Foundation will also pay very close attention to Rose Peters, she being the second oldest person in Dominica and the world. Her legacy is also very important to Dominica and we will promote her alongside Pampo and our other major long life achievers. (Update Sept. 28, 2001 The Chronicle: Centenarian Dies at 118)

Education is key of the Pampo Foundation with its target demographics being School age children, students at all levels and other interest groups. In that light, the foundation has so far embarked on a Caribbean Tour of High School in selective Countries from Anguilla to Trinidad and Tobago, beginning September 14th 2001. The exercise dubbed Healing 2001 will be the yet another bold venture at establishing the facts about Pampo.

The primary long-term goal of the foundation would be to publish a hard cover book entitled QUEEN PAMPO in her honor; other centenarians will be captioned in that publication. The most ambitious project will however be a history School or Fortress (The Pampo History Fortress). We expect that such a fortress would be built on a portion of the land in Glanvillia where Pampo had resided for over half a century.

The foundation will comply with all the applicable laws of the Commonwealth of Dominica and the United States of America as pertains to such non-profit organization.

Alex Bruno.
Text Compliments of Alex Bruno © 2000

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Ma Pampo Postcard

For more information about Elizabeth "Pampo" Israel and The Pampo Foundation visit Alex Bruno's website Dedicated to the Life of Elizabeth "Pampo" Israel or Contact Alex by e-mail:

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