Hike, Walk, Trek in Dominica
Just as Dominica is rightly famous for its outstanding diving, we are also rightly known as having one of the most pristine tropical rainforests in the Caribbean islands. Though mountainous, much of this rainforest is easily accessible by way of some exciting tracks and trails.
"There is only one way to understand Dominica. You have to walk across it and along it." Alec Waugh, "Typical Dominica" 1948
Hiking in Dominica

The Month of May is Hike Fest in Dominica
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Hikes in Dominica

This page categorises many (but not all) of Dominica's excellent hikes and trails by the difficulty of the walk. If in any doubt, please use the services of a guide, and err on the side of caution in the level of difficulty and the time allowed to do the hike.

NGN=No guide necessary (but always recommended); UFR=User fee required

For the most detailed look at all of Dominica's trails, hikes and attractions, go to Visit-Dominica.com

For a full list of sites that require User Fees, click here.

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Tips for walking in Dominica's rainforest

Watch out for:

  • High rainfall can cause flash-flooding of even small streams.
  • The dense rainforest can get dark quickly in the late afternoon
  • Hikes often cross rivers - watch out for slippy rocks!

What to take:

  • Waterproof rain gear (a poncho will also protect camera gear)
  • Camera (with extra batteries and somewhere dry to carry them)
  • Insect repellent (but don't worry, we've no poisonious creatures!)
  • Sunglasses

Wear comfortable clothing (it will be humid):

  • Shorts or light pants
  • Sneakers with good treads or (waterproof) hiking boots
  • A hat or baseball cap

Attractions Around Dominica

Emerald Pool
Emerald Pool

Undersea Splendour
Undersea Splendour

Morne Trois Pitons
Morne Trois Pitons

Scotts Head
Scotts Head

The Boiling Lake
The Boiling Lake

The Morne, Roseau
The Morne, Roseau

Coastal Walks

Jump Up at Carnival

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Emerald Pool (NGN, UFR)

Beautiful little fall in a grotto 15 minutes into the rainforest. Very popular on days when the cruise ship is in. As with all the falls, you can swim in the pool but the water is cold!
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Trafalgar Falls (NGN, UFR)
Twin falls. Nice easy 20 minute walk to the viewing platform; one can continue on and climb over rocks and swim in the smaller of the falls.
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Cabrits/Fort Shirley (NGN, UFR)
Partially-restored old fort and buildings; serene forest walks. Take all the time you want here!
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Scott's Head (NGN)
Best view is from the very top of the Head but you can stop halfway up and still get breathtaking views; great snorkelling at the beach below.
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Long drive but short rainforest walk, with signs that identify many of the forest trees. Also a well-know spot to see our parrots.
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Penrice (NGN)
Two small falls close to each other near the centre of the island. Easy 20 minute walk to the first fall; steeper 15 minute hike to the second (better) fall.
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Jaco Flats

The site of a Maroon encampment (escaped slaves in the late 1700s). this walk is particularly interesting for the set of steep steps cut in the side of the ridge.
There is one steepish climb up to a plateau, thereafter it's all downhill and down river. About 2 hours round-trip if you don't stop for a swim in the river, and you should.

Middleham Falls (NGN, UFR)
Great walk through the rainforest along a well-defined trail. Track is a little steeper closer to the fall. Allow approx. 3 hours round-trip.
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Morne aux Diables
This all-day walk (arrange to be dropped off on one side, and picked up on the other) takes you across the northern tip of the island from the west coast to the east along a good track. Look out for the sulphurous bit at the top!
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Sari Sari Falls
One of two east-coast falls, this starts from the edge of the village of La Plaine. Most of the trail is along and across the river. Allow 3 hours total.
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Victoria Falls
Easier of the two east-coast falls, this too takes you along a river to an impressive fall, where you can swim in the pool.
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Morne Anglais
Outstanding views are to be had from the top since this 3,683' mountain dominates the south of the island. The 3-hour round-trip walk starts from the village of Giraudel. After a fairly gentle stroll through the montain rainforest, the trail gets a little harder.
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Perdu Temps
This hike crosses the island from the south coast to the east coast village of Delices, climbing over the Foundland mountain. Excellent but long 6 hour hike.
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Boiling Lake
All you'll ever need to know is here.

Morne Diablotin
The highest of all Dominica's mountain at 4,747', the hike starts from Syndicate and climbs straight up for 3 hours.
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Morne Trois Pitons

Quite possibly the hardest of all hikes in Dominica. A five-hour or more round trip that may have spectacular views from a couple of places en route, but since this mountain is so often shrouded in clouds, don't count on it.

Starting from the main road near the Pont Casse roundabout (close to the C&W Cellular station), the walk climbs up from 2,000 ft to near the main summit at 4,500 feet. The trail goes up with little respite and where the slippy steps stop, be prepared to climb over and under trees, branches and roots. Oh, and there are two mini-cliff-faces to clamber up. And as if that wasn't hard enough, be warned: the razor grass can cut you to ribbons, so be advised to wear long trousers.

Having said that, the lower part of the trail is not too difficult and does take you through some excellent rainforest.


For all of Dominica hikes, trails, mountain and waterfalls, go to Visit-Dominica.com!


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