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Where to Stay in Dominica
Here you will find hotels, guest houses, cottages, apartments and rooms in Dominica. The listings below can be sorted by name, type or region. If you're searching for particular features of a hotel or guest house, use our powerful Accommodation Wizard. And when you've decided, use our Check Availability page!
Caribbean Sea View Apartments
Calibishie Cove Tapa's Guesthouse


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Name Location Type
 Pepper's Studio Apartments - Self Catered Apartments Pepper's Studio Apartments - Self Catered Apartments West (Roseau to Mero) Apartment or House
Anchorage Hotel, Whale Watch & Dive Center Anchorage Hotel, Whale Watch & Dive Center South West Hotel
Calibishie Cove Calibishie Cove North East Hotel
Calibishie Lodges Calibishie Lodges North East Hotel
Carib Territory Guest House Carib Territory Guest House East Guest House
Caribbean Sea View Apartments Caribbean Sea View Apartments West (Roseau to Mero) Apartment or House
Castle Comfort Dive Lodge Castle Comfort Dive Lodge South West Hotel
Chateau Poivre Chateau Poivre South West Cottage
Citrus Creek Plantation Citrus Creek Plantation East Cottage
Cocoa Cottages Cocoa Cottages Roseau Valley & Interior Guest House
Domcan Guest House Domcan Guest House East Guest House
Dominica's Sea View Apartments Dominica's Sea View Apartments North East Apartment or House
Evergreen Hotel Evergreen Hotel South West Hotel
Fort Young Hotel Fort Young Hotel Roseau Hotel
Ginger-Lily Cottage Ginger-Lily Cottage South East Cottage
Hotel The Champs Hotel The Champs North West Hotel
Itassi Cottages Itassi Cottages Roseau Cottage
Jungle Bay, Dominica Jungle Bay, Dominica South East Resort
Jungle Bay, Dominica - Eco Luxury Cottages Jungle Bay, Dominica - Eco Luxury Cottages South East Luxury
Mermaid's Secret Mermaid's Secret South East Cottage
Narakiels Inn Narakiels Inn Roseau Guest House
Ocean View Apartments Ocean View Apartments South Apartment or House
Papillote Wilderness Retreat Papillote Wilderness Retreat Roseau Valley & Interior Hotel
Pepper's Cottage, Taxi & Tours Pepper's Cottage, Taxi & Tours Roseau Cottage
Picard Beach Cottage Resort Picard Beach Cottage Resort North West Cottage
Pointe Baptiste Estate Pointe Baptiste Estate North East Cottage
Portsmouth Beach Hotel Portsmouth Beach Hotel North West Hotel
Prince Rupert Suites Prince Rupert Suites North West Apartment or House
Sea Cliff Cottages Sea Cliff Cottages North East Cottage
Secret Bay Secret Bay North West Resort
Secret Bay - Luxury Villas Secret Bay - Luxury Villas North West Luxury
St James Guesthouse St James Guesthouse Roseau Guest House
Sunrise Farm Cottages Sunrise Farm Cottages East Cottage
Sunset Bay Club Beach Resort & Seaside Dive Resort Sunset Bay Club Beach Resort & Seaside Dive Resort West Resort
Sutton Place Hotel Sutton Place Hotel Roseau Hotel
Tapa's Guest House Tapa's Guest House East Apartment or House
Titiwi Apartment/Condo Titiwi Apartment/Condo South West Apartment or House
Zandoli Inn Zandoli Inn South Hotel

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