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The Pioneer Academy was formed through the dedication and commitment of a group of parents who wished to provide an enriched and stable learning environment for children. Established in 1997 as a non-profit organisation with open membership opportunities for parents and others, the school is entrusted to the vision of elected Trustees commonly devoted to the well-being and optimum development of children.
Pioneer began operation in a small house in Goodwill in September 1997 with a total of 53 children. It has now grown to over 130 students and has already had to move location twice to accommodate the growing numbers. In September 1999 we moved into our own building on our own land at Checkhall. Thanks to the generous support of donors, the present building offers space in a practical and attractive setting which is highly conducive to an exciting learning environment.
We offer primary education from Kindergarten through to Grade 6. Through smaller class sizes, hands-on experience, individual attention, a broad curriculum, and highly qualified teachers, children are encouraged to become self-motivated learners, equipped with the skills necessary to face the world of tomorrow.


Through difficulties to the stars
Ad astra per asperao


"To equip children with the skills needed for successful learning maximized through a broad and varied curriculum.
To fuel children's curiosity and thirst for learning by teaching children how to learn; to become self-motivated thinkers; how to find things out and how to turn interests into knowledge.
To encourage respect and social responsibility towards family, community, country and our world."


Pioneer is not based on any single educational philosophy, but rather draws from a wide range of disciplines. We support the following beliefs and values.

. Learning is an active process. Children learn through repeated exposure, consistent role modelling from others around them, and from repeated opportunities to apply and practise. Education should begin with the learner and extend outward

. As infants and toddlers, children spend their first years of life following the scientific discovery method of learning. They touch, taste, smell, manipulate, and investigate everything around them. Good education builds upon this fact of childhood, and works to keep the spark of intellect and self-confidence alive.
. Children need to develop sensitive reality testing skills: a sense of order and an awareness of logical cause and effect. They must learn to trust their mind's ability to think logically and to solve problems on their own.

. Children learn in different ways at different paces. Therefore, an effective school must remain highly flexible and be prepared to individualize and adapt education to the learner.

. Rapid change is a fact of life in today's world. Because we cannot predict the the skills needed for tomorrow, it is important that we teach children how to remain open to change, constantly ready and willing to learn new things and master new technologies.

Children need to learn how to concentrate on a chosen task, and to develop the patience and perseverance to keep at it long enough to do it correctly.

· Children need to learn from their mistakes. Failing should become a relatively anxiety free experience that tells them to try again.

Children need to learn the everyday consequences of their social behaviour. They should learn to recognise what they are doing, the choices they are making, and what responses they get; to predict their actions into new situations and alter their patterns of behaviour to produce desired results.


Pioneer ensures the requirements of the Dominican National Curriculum are met in core subject areas. Teachers aim to enhance and enrich this through presentation of material in ways which make learning challenging and meaningful. Computers are an integral part of the classroom learning environment and the range of subjects offered includes Music, Art, Sport and Physical Education, Spanish and French.

The program is designed to prepare students of varying levels of ability to act with confidence and leadership as we equip them not only with the academic background to succeed in the Common Entrance Examination, but also with the physical, emotional and spiritual foundation to mature into progressive, knowledgeable and considerate individuals.

Record keeping and evaluation are important and an integral part of the total teaching/learning program.
Assessment is done through collecting student information regarding knowledge, attitudes, skills and values through a variety of techniques and practices such as:
1. Anecdotal records 2. Portfolios 3. Conferences
4. Self and peer evaluation; 5. Documented teacher observations 6. Diagnostic tests
7. Summative tests 8. Examinations 9. Standards
10. Student achievement profiles 11. Student demonstration of skills 12. Student projects and assignments
13. Dramatisation 14. Interviews 15. Composition (dance, musical)
16. Co-operative activities.

Evaluation is the process of interpreting data produced from assessments to make decisions concerning student achievement and to plan for further student growth.
It is the teacher's responsibility to use a variety of assessment techniques, both formal and informal, to build up a profile of each student, leading, over time to a broad and detailed picture of development.
Accurate, effective and up-to-date records are maintained and indicate
to the child - how effectively he or she is progressing
to the teacher - the needs of the pupil
to the parents - how much progress the child is making.


Students must turn 4years of age by December 31 of the year they begin Kindergarten. As space is limited, applications are accepted several years in advance of expected date of entry.



Fees are due on or before the first day of term. All amounts quoted are in E.C. dollars.

Membership Fee (Non-refundable, per family as long as the family is a member. Paid upon registration):
$1397 International Students
$1270 CSME Students

Term Fees (paid 3 times per year):
$1397 International Students
$1270 CSME Students

Additional siblings receive a 10% discount.


PRINCIPAL - Ms. Esther Robinson
Assitant - Ms. Bertina Stoute




Pre-Kindergarten Mrs. Marla John Pierre
Pre-K Assistant Mrs. Mary White
Kindergarten Mrs. Christiana Burton Rabess
Grade K Assistant Ms. Haganna Dorival
Grade 1 Ms. Kirstyn Goncalves
Grade 2 Mrs. Bernadette Vidal
Grade 2 Assistant Ms. Edwina Jno. Baptiste
Head of Dept.(Pre-K to Gr.2) Ms. Brenda Sorhaindo
Grade 3 Ms. Tammy Williams
Grade 4 Mrs. Verne O'Brien Maxwell
Grade 5 Ms. Anesa Campbell
Grade 6 Ms. Yvonne Daniel
Grade 6 Assistant Ms. Sonia Hill
Sports Mr. Wayne George
Art Mr. Hillroy Fingal
Computers Mr. Jerndal Lawrence
French Mr. Devon Bruno
Spanish Ms. Daniel
Music Mr. Pious John Baptiste

Grounds Care Mr. Jones Esprit
House Keeping Ms. Shirley Bocage


Teachers are recruited both locally and abroad. Applications may be made by forwarding resume, photograph and names of at least two referees to our post office address, fax or e-mail. Only applicants with primary teaching qualifications and at least two years primary teaching experience will be considered.

The school is governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of seven elected members.

  • Chairman: Mr. Maurice Agar
  • Vice Chairman: Mr. Phillip Alleyne
  • Treasurer: Mrs. Annette Green
  • Secretary: Ms. Thalia Remy
  • Assistant Secretary Treasurer: Mrs. Ferne Brumant
  • Ordinary Member: Mrs. Anna Raffoul
  • Ordinary Member: Mr. Arthur Smith

following businesses, through their generosity, have made it possible for Pioneer to exist.
Archipelago Trading Ltd Auto Trade Ltd Beacon Insurance Ltd
Belfast Estates Ltd
Bermudez Biscuit Company Brizee's Mart
Burton & Co. Ltd Elias Nassief Foundation Estate of Adeline Johnson
First Domestic Insurance Harris Paints Dominica Ltd J. Astaphan & Co (1970) Ltd
Mr & Mrs Pierre Astaphan Mr Carlos Mejia Mr Daniel Langlois
Mr Gerry Aird Mr Gregor Nassief Mr Phillip Nassief
P.H. Williams & Co (1979) Ltd Mr Richard Edghill Royal Bank of Canada
Thall Engineering Ltd


Pioneer invites you to get to know us better.

Please visit us and look over our school in action.

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Proven results every year!

2001 Pioneer students placed 2nd and 3rd overall.
A Pioneer student achieved highest Social Studies/Science marks in the country.
Pioneer achieved highest mean scores in Social Studies, Science and Math.

2002 Pioneer Student came 1st
Pioneer achieved highest mean scores in Language Arts, Math and Social Studies.
Pioneer achieved highest total mean scores in Dominica.

Pioneer Student placed 2nd.
A Pioneer student achieved highest Mathematics marks in the country.
A Pioneer student achieved highest Social Studies/Science marks in the country.

Pioneer's performance overall is significantly higher than the nation's, indicating that teaching and learning in the areas of numeracy and literacy are sound and highly successful at our school. The disturbing gender differences in performance of concern nationally are not an issue at Pioneer, with little or no difference being indicated in the test results.
Is your child under performing in their current school system? Put them into an environment that will enhance their ability to be achievers! We accommodate transfers!


2003 Teachers and Graduating Students

2003 Graduates

Please feel free to contact us to arrange an appointment to see our school and understand our system.

For more information, please contact us at the school:

Pioneer Preparatory School
P.O Box 1254
Commonwealth of Dominica

Telephone Number: (767) 449 9500
Fax Number: (767) 448 5510
Or e-mail us at: pioneer@cwdom.dm

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