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2003 Annual Report (PDF)

Our Mission:
To develop and formulate forest
policies and programmes, which
enhance employment and
stabilize rural communities and to
actively collaborate in
implementing these programmes
cost effectively while
administering forestry, wildlife and
national park regulatory
measures in a sustainable

Our Vision:
To be recognized as an efficiently
managed Government agency by
foresters, hunters, eco-tourists,
researchers, research institutions,
and the general public, delivering
high quality extension, research
and regulatory services which add
value to forestry, wildlife, national
parks and related sectors for the
economic and social advancement
of our people.



Dominica's Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division were established in 1949. Over time its role and responsibilities have expanded considerably. Today, the Division's main priority is the sustainable utilization of the island's forest, wildlife and national park resources, as opposed to its former mainly regulatory role. Included among the Division's other priorities are law enforcement, human resource development, revenue generation, public relations and education. The division is a legal entity of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment. To date, the division and the ministry on a whole can boast of integrity of natural resource conservation on Dominica.

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The Forestry Division's Corporate Plan comprises of five programme areas namely:

1. Resource Protection, 2. Development of National Parks, Eco-tourist Sites and Public Places, 3. Research and Monitoring, 4. Communications and Environmental Education and 5. Administration, Institutional Strengthening and Human Resource Development.

Each programme has specific objectives aimed at achieving the Division's distinctive mandate.

Specifically, we offer:

1. research permits to conduct bioogical research
2. export amdf import permits for wild plants and wild aniimals
3. reviews of Enivornmental Impact Assesment
4. Non-Timber Forest Products initiatives for crafts
5. Ecotourism development and community access to resource use and governance
6. policy reviews
7. User fee implemention and ecotourism site management


The Forestry Division provides a range of services. We manage, improve and maintain and enhancing visitor use of the national parks.

Other key areas are Forest Nursery Management, Forest Plantation Establishment, restoration ecology, and Forestry Extension, Watershed, Reforestation and Amenity plantings respectively. One key aim is to facilitate farmers in diversifying.

We also provide information in the form of a wide range of educational leaflets, booklets and books.


The Botanical Gardens

Full details...


1. Title: Flora and Fauna of Cabrits National Park, Dominica
Author: Arlington James
Publisher: Forestry, Wildlife & Parks Division, Dominica
Publ. Date: 2004

2. Title: Dominica's Birds
Authors: Arlington James, Stephen Durand and Bertrand Jno. Baptiste
Publisher: Forestry, Wildlife & Parks Division, Dominica
Publ. Date 2005

The prices, including postage are as follows:
Flora and Fauna of Cabrits - US $10.00
Dominica's Birds - US $18.00

Payment - preferably by money order or postal order; to be made to: Forestry & Wildlife Division - Dominica

Requests should be addressed to: Director of Forestry, Wildlife & Parks
Forestry, Wildlife & Parks Division
Botanic Gardens
DOMINICA, West Indies


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