While walking through the warm stone streets of Roseau, you may take a turn onto a side lane – like the one which runs parallel to Dame Eugenia Charles Blvd, behind Nassief’s department store. On a pale cream wall, scratched and peeling with age, a colorful illustration of faces and abstract forms burst out from it’s surface.

Early December, Graffiti street artist DA Cruz traveled to Dominica as part of regional tour organized by the Alliance Française – a tour intended to engage youth and artists to use graffiti art to improve urban spaces.

Along with local artists Earl Etienne and Trini, they created a mural inspired by a combination of Kalinago petroglyphs and Cruz’s trademark – ancient and traditional South and Central American masks.  Perhaps obscure at first glance, one can’t help but pause to look and ponder.   Regardless of how one feels about it, this mural is an expressive addition to the side of a bleak Roseau City building.