Tou Santi, on the trail to Middleham Falls, is a most unusual place.

Formed by a lava tube, it is home to a colony of very active bats. Tou Santi or ‘Stinking Hole’ gets its name from the overpowering smell of bat guano produced by its inhabitants.

Tou Santi
View of Tou Santi on Middleham Falls Trail

Bat at Tou SantiWhen taking the Middleham Falls Trail from the village of Cochrane, Tou Santi is a short 15-minute hike into the Morne Trois Pitons National Park.

At dusk, the bats leave their home en masse, whizzing and zizzing out of the cave to find their evening meal.

Photo: Bat Exiting Tou Santi.