Sea Lion Visits Dominica

Sea Lion Visits Dominica

As many of you know, about 2 weeks ago Dominica had the good fortune to provide sanctuary to a sea lion that had escaped from the island of St. Kitts during Hurricane Omar.

Below is a first-hand account of the event, accompanied by photos. Thanks go to Erick Thomas for providing this information to us!

On the afternoon of Sunday the 9th of November, 2008 a crowd of onlookers came out to the Douglas Bay in Tantan, where it was reported that there was a sea lion present there. A California sea lion was moved up and down the shoreline, periodically coming to the waters edge where some of the onlookers took pictures and tried to interact with it. With it looking some what lean , the locals start feeding it with fish.

Later that day we learnt that the sea lion was one of a few sea lions that escaped from the Friars Bay Aquarium belonging to Marine World Ltd. in St. Kitts after the passage of Hurricane Omar. A few persons got in contact with the Management of the Friars Bay Aquarium who encouraged them to give the sea lion at least 2 pounds of fish and he would come down to get it the following day.

The Sea Lion was collected the following day and returned to his home in St. Kitts.

Text and Photos by Erick Thomas of Cabrits Dive Center, Portsmouth..