Someone asked me why I’m walking with pain in my step today, my reply of having hiked the Boiling Lake 2 days ago got me a wide eyed, “girl are you mad?” kind of look.

Perhaps I am a little, as this was my second time on one of the most demanding trails in Dominica in less than 5 months.

It’s one of those hikes, where if you’re not used to hiking it takes every bit of your willpower and drive to keep going. But the views along the way make the trek worth every bead of sweat and ache that your body goes through!

Look Out

Knowing that I would be standing on the highest point on the trail at 2,950 ft, with an amazing view overlooking Roseau, the sort of view that you’d imagine being able to see from a helicopter ride, made the hike to the Look-Out Point well worth it.

From these luscious green mountain tops, you travel down to the Valley of Desolation, where there used to be masses of greenery and vegetation; in my mind it’s the dead zone, pools of boiling water and clay combined with the smell of sulphur in the air. You know Mother Nature has had her way here. The vegetation is pretty sparse in the Valley, there are patches of moss with a few flowers poking out and a few shrubs scattered about. It’s a huge contrast from walking for 2 hours in the rainforest!

After a few more ups and downs, scrambling over tree roots, putting my little legs through their paces, we made it to the Boiling Lake.

Once you’re there, you’ve a great sense of achievement. To be able to say that you’ve hiked to the second largest hot spring in the world is pretty awesome!

The reason for the steam and moisture in the air at the lake is due to two streams in the lake and rainfall, going down into the lava below, where it heats to boiling point and rises back up.

For someone like me who has very little hiking experience, I’m glad I did it. I can tick it off of my list of things to do.

Time to say bon voyage to my Converse, they have done me proud. They carried me to Boiling Lake and back.

Time to embark on a new adventure with a new pair.


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