I read a great cruise ship visitors experience of Dominica on the Cruise Critics message board and wanted to share. We often let these sites – and experiences – fly under the radar!

“The grounds… were beautiful – very lush and green and pretty. You are up on one of the mountains, and all of the dining is outdoors, although there is a roof, so you are covered in the event of rain (this is all rainforest, after all!). The food was good – I am a vegetarian and they offered a nice grilled veggie pizza. My husband had a chicken dish which he said was delicious – I believe you can access their menu on line – it is a small menu. … From the Retreat, you can continue walking up the hill (short distance) and then take a trail (easy walking) to I believe Trafalgar falls … I hope I am remembering that correctly – we had such a busy day! The falls were pretty, and there were vendors in the parking area selling their wares…

I would recommend going if you wanted someplace nice and picturesque and quiet to have lunch or dinner — just keep in mind the long, slow ride. But for us, that was half the fun, because you really got to see the beauty of Dominica! Enjoy!”

  • This visitor is describing Papillote Wilderness Retreat, Dominica’s first eco-tourism hotel.
  • For more information about Trafalgar and the Roseau Valley, click here.