I’ve always been told stories by my Grandmother about having grown up on the island, being given great descriptions of the house that she grew up in with her siblings, and then how my father and uncles used to play there as children. So, a drive up to Vieille Case was put on the calendar! A journey from South to North.

We were over halfway into the drive when the topic of Captain Jack Sparrow came up; reason being is that part of the Pirates of The Caribbean 2 film was here, right where we were driving through.

Out came the camera and my phone, texting pictures to my sisters back in England, “Guess what film was filmed right here?” I think they may have been a little bit envious of my current location!Pirates

The journey continued further North;  the sea views were out of this world, the coves, and the sea breaking as it comes into the coast was breath-taking.

Finally we arrived at our destination. The house is on an incline so has a lovely view overlooking the ocean. It’s one of those beautiful old houses with wooden beams throughout, stiff wooden window shutters, and quirky details around the building.

When people say that a building has character I don’t think I’d fully understood it till now. Knowing that a huge part of my family grew up in this house, seeing the room where they ran their shop, or the garden where my Dad and uncles played as children, was quite overwhelming and infused every part of the old structure with deeper meaning.

Should the day come when I have my own family, and the house is still standing, I’d want to take my children there too. It’s important to know where your family is from and I am so blessed that Dominica is a part of me.

Vieille Casse

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