Continuing our series on community tourism in Dominica…

Part 2:  Wotten Waven

Wotten Waven has been called the Spa Capital of Dominica… and Wotten Waven hot Poolspossibly even the Caribbean! Where else can you find such a wide selection of natural hot springs to soak in, healing your body and soul.

The village has re-activated its efforts at community tourism, with the help of recent Government and EU funded projects. A new Reception Center, a new website, and a forward-thinking attitude are helping community members to better organise their services into tours and packages for local, regional and international visitors.

Whether its the bath tub style of Ti Kwen Glo Cho, the seclusion of Tia’s private baths, or the  flowing series of large stone pools at Screw’s, a soak in one of Wotten Waven’s hot pools will rejuvenate you.

The community also has several guest houses and cottages, as well as restaurants, making it a perfect location for a weekend getaway or a week-long stay.

The community group is currently developing a unique hike along the river. Wotten WavenOnce completed, the Sulphur River Tour will take you along the path of the river where you can see  submerged fumaroles, champagne bubbles and porous volcanic rocks as you follow the river bed.

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