Dominica is a Nature Island, blessed with beautiful natural attractions and Organic Farmingresources, not the least of which is her people.  And it is the people that make Dominica’s special brand of Community Tourism so unique.

In this first of this series, we put the spotlight on a community group of organic farmers in  Bellevue Chopin.

Part 1: Bellevue Chopin Organic Farmers Group

Belleuve Chopin is a small farming village located on the slopes of Morne Anglais.  For decades farmers in this area have been growing produce in an environmentally conscious manner, simply because they knew this was the best way to live. It is only in recent times that society has labeled this style of living in harmony with nature as ‘organic.’

In Bellevue Chopin, you will find several farmers who enjoy sharing their lifestyle and their knowledge with visitors. Spend a morning or an afternoon hiking through this beautiful, verdant village and discover what a stevia plant looks like, or how pineapples actually grow. Pluck fresh produce from the ground and rinse it in a natural spring, enjoying the freshest vegetables you’ve ever eaten.

Farm tours include:

  • Broad Meadows – Mr. Gordon Royer’s mixed garden of vegetables, provisions and various herbs.
  • Harmony Garden – Mr. Roy Ormond’s organic herbal farm.
  • Charlette River Farm – Mr.  Green’s  estate produces pineapple and a wide range of anthuriums (tropical flowers).
  • Mountain Creole Garden –  Mr. Delroy Registe’s garden uses traditional planting techniques to grow banana, citrus and vegetables.

For more information about the community group and the tours, visit their website:

The backbone of Dominica’s charm is the diverse group of small business owners who continually go the extra mile to make our visitors’ experience more personal and to leave that little touch of Dominica lingering with them long after they have left our shores.

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