Dominica has another reason to be proud of her brand new Sports Stadium. Often confused with the Dominican Republic, we are beginning to make a name for ourselves in more areas than just eco-tourism. Our brand new Stadium is able to host international events such as the FIFA World Cup Qualifying matches.

According to an article by the Associated Press entitled “FIFA moves CONCACAF qualifiers after stadiums flunk new World Cup rules”, the Dominican Republic will not be allowed to host its own World Cup Qualifier Match because its stadium is not up to FIFA’s new standards. The US Virgin Islands, Montserrat and Surinam also experienced this problem. For these unlucky nations, their hopes will now rest on the result of one game. Read more at Yahoo! Sports.

FIFA LogoDominica’s match schedule is on the FIFA website here.

Dominica has cleared one hurdle on the road to World Cup Football. Let’s cheer her on the rest of the way!

Dominica plays against Barbados in a qualifier match on February 6th. The word is, the match will be held in the new Stadium.