All around the world, races are designed to prove the participants’ endurance, will and stamina. And while this is not untrue of Dominica’s Nature Island Challenge, our race stands out as something different, much like the island itself.

When people talk about Dominica,you often hear the same grouping of words – green, lush, mountains, rivers, valleys.  A treasure trove for the curious adventurer, Dominica is the type of destination which leaves an impression on those who grace her shores, and stays with them long after they leave.

NIC3_fbNIC 3.0 is a four day race across the 754 km² island, in which participants must not only be physically capable to deal with the sometimes unforgiving terrain, but also cunning and inventive to solve the cultural challenges that await them.

The brain child of the Discover Dominica Authority (DDA), this televised event showcases the island’s dramatic landscape and vibrant culture.

Now in it’s third year, NIC 3.0 is continuing to grow and evolve. This year from April 13th – 17th 2015 there will be 6 teams competing: Trinidad (1), Barbados (1), USA (2) and Germany (2).

Public participation is encouraged so stay up to date on the race and activities: on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube, and visit the website at