The Learn Massage Workshop
Contributed by Terri Henry & Sari Giraud-Sabatien

Many of us are aware of the tremendous health benefits of receiving regular massage. As well as easing out tight muscles, massage has a beneficial effect on all of our body systems and with regular treatment it is possible to reduce blood pressure, improve digestion, a strengthen the immune system, relieve tension headaches and eye-strain and reduce stress.

In many cultures massage is a part of daily life and, although a therapeutic treatment from a trained professional is always highly recommended, a basic massage is something that almost everyone can do with a little training.

After a hard day at work there is nothing better than receiving a relaxing massage to ease us into relaxation. However many do not offer this healing to partners or family as they are unsure as to what strokes to use or are scared of hurting them. Others do enthusiastically try but tend to get bored by repeating the same movements and wished they knew a few more techniques that would make it really effective!

In order to encourage couples and friends to utilise massage on a regular basis, massage therapists Terri Henry and Sari Giraud are hosting the 4th ‘Learn Massage Workshop’ on Sunday 25th May from 11am to 5pm at the Rainforest Shangri-La Resort at the Wotten Waven Sulphur Springs. The day long workshop will cover basic anatomy & physiology, feature practical demonstrations and offer participants the opportunity to practice massage sequences on a partner with supervision from therapists.

The cost for this exclusive training is an affordable $85 per person and specially blended aromatherapy massage oil will be supplied along with a course booklet that can be taken home. Participants will learn the basic massage techniques that can be used on the whole body, give and receive fantastic massage and enjoy a great afternoon of fun and healing.

To ensure all attendees are given great attention, spaces are limited and participants must book in advance. To secure your place please contact:

  • Terri Henry: Tel. 295-1655 or email:
  • Sari Giraud-Sabetian: Tel. 612-5951 / 275 1958 or email: