On Saturday afternoon the streets of Roseau came alive with the sounds of Carnival… Black Devils snapping their whips, Bwa Bwa tramping on the road, lapo kabwit, drumming, and hi-fi’s playing their favourite Calypso songs… yes, Carnival is in the air!

Here’s a small sample of the colourful costumes that were on display.


Dominica is known for its ‘Real Mas’ – playing mas as it has been done in years gone by.  Although there have been modernisations over the years, Dominica’s Carnival maintains many elements of traditional Carnival. It’s easy-going style makes it the perfect Caribbean Carnival to join in for those new to Carnival. So come on down to Dominica on March 7th and 8th 2011 and play the Real Mas!

Learn more about Carnival in Dominica and check the Schedule of Events for 2011: