I’m one of those people that if I see a nice or unusual car parked I have to stop and take a picture of it; whether it’s a cute VW Beetle or a muscle car, I have to get a photo.

One of the first things I spotted in Dominica was the abundance of Cars in the Bush, quite literally; cars that have been long forgotten at the side of the road, in the bush even on the trails.

Trying to guess how long the vehicle has been wrapped up in the tresses of Mother Nature is pretty tough. There are a few trucks where the entire front cab is a combination of vines and leaves, the front tyres are a mass of foliage, and don’t look as though they will see the tarmac again.

Seeing these trucks and cars makes me want an endless bank balance and a huge garage where I can restore them back to a working order and sell them onto a new caring owner.

This stunning island has so many hidden gems in bush, I doubt I’ll be able to see them all before I leave; so I’m going to open my blog up to the public; I’d love to get your submissions of cars or trucks in unusual places. These cars don’t necessarily have to be on the island of Dominica, if it’s a car in the bush, snap a photo of it, add brief description of where it is and email it straight to the blog: cuve143bise@post.wordpress.com

VW Beetle