The launch of “A Face in the River” — a Romance/Adventure novel by Kris Simelda — was held at Romance Cafe on Mero Beach this past Saturday, Jan 23rd, 2016. It was a wonderful celebration, featuring music by jazz musician Jussi Paavola, delicious refreshments, gorgeous weather, a reading by the author and the chance to purchase a signed copy of the book.

A Face in the River” is a novel about the adventures of a middle-aged American woman who moves to the Caribbean in search of ‘something more.’ What she finds surprises even her, and as you follow Krystal through the quagmire of life decisions and unexpected events, you get a feel for one woman’s struggle to live the dream of a Caribbean lifestyle while stretching across cultures and clashing with reality.

The book is well written and fast-paced, you will find yourself turning pages as quickly as you can.  But be careful, this novel is not for everyone! It’s full of adult humour, romance and sex; it’s a woman’s adventure novel, not for children.

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