For your driving enjoyment today, hop in the jeep and take a ride with us. Driving in Dominica is a thrilling adventure all its own!


A Quick Drive Up the Roseau Valley

Driving from the UWI building up the Roseau Valley towards Trafalgar, and back down to Copthall. All in about 2 minutes!


Another Quick Drive

This time we ‘speed’ (not really) down towards Bath Estate then shoot up the ‘back road’ which is now A Two Lane Highway (it was once a half-lane along a cliff).

Then we drive through St Aroment and towards the hospital. In fact we spin around the roundabout a couple of times, in case you aren’t dizzy enough!

Then it’s down yet more new road to the river and past the magnificent new Stadium. Finally we pass UWI (on what could be Dominica’s widest road) and reach the Botanical Gardens. Phew!