I’m wracking my brain trying to think of waterfalls back in Sussex. If it’s man-made and the pump is switched on each Tuesday and Friday; it doesn’t count as a waterfall does it?

From the above statement you may have gathered that waterfalls are not something that I am used to seeing on a daily basis in England; so being able to jump in the truck and drive into the heart of the Island to visit this magical little hide-away was, well, magical.

The trails to any of the waterfalls on the island are always spectacular. I felt like I was walking around on the set of Jurassic Park with all of the trees and ferns surrounding me, hearing the odd tweet and cheep from the birds flying about. I’ll admit I did have my eyes peeled for abnormally large spiders, there were none thankfully! I’d also like to assure you there were no T-Rex footprints in the ground.

We took the corner on the last set of steps, and there before me was this romantic setting, a glistening pool of fresh spring water and a beautiful waterfall crashing down into it.

It’s one of those places where you could picture the perfect rainforest wedding proposal or a scene in a pirate film where they finally find the hidden treasure.


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