Blue Element Freediving Competition

Blue Element’s International Freediving Competition will be held November 20th-27th, 2019 in Soufriere, Dominica. This annual event is in its third year, organised by Jonathan Sunnex. Freedivers from across the world will make their way to Dominica to compete in...

Housing Dominica

Housing Dominica emerged as the government of Dominica’s answer to a great need of the nation – hurricane resilient housing facilities.

Potters Place Guesthouse

All rooms are designed for the comfort of our guests. Each room comes with its own shower/toilet, TV and mini fridge. Cable and WiFi is free for use and there is also 24/hr self service for tea/coffee. We are about a 5 min walk away from the capital of the Island with...
Trois Pitons Apartments

Trois Pitons Apartments

We have two fully furnished and equipped 1 bedroom apartments set in beautiful surrounding with stunning mountain views.

David Victorin Nature Tours and Excursion Guide

David is one of the most patient and playful tour guides on the island of Dominica! With over 20 years of touring experience he is one of the first Discover Dominica Certified Tour Guides. He has connected people of all ages and activity levels from all over the world...

Transpoint Trucking Services

Transpoint Trucking Services is a Trucking Cmpoany with a focus on the hauling of any goods to a desired destination.
Kwéyòl Wandévou

Kwéyòl Wandévou

Kwéyòl Wandévou will be held at the Botanical Gardens in Roseau during the week leading up to World Creole Music Festival 2018. Filling a void created by the absence of FLOW’s “Creole in the Park” this year, the Government of Dominica has...
Val Ferry

Val Ferry

“Freedom throughout the Caribbean” Ferry servicing Portsmouth, Dominica to Pointe-a-Pitre Guadeloupe. Roseau Office: Gachette’s Building, Corner Great George Street & Kennedy Avenue Tel: (767) 440-3457 Mobile: (767) 245 3457 Portsmouth Office:...

Bayport Residence Inn

Bayport invites you to sit back, relax, make yourself at home and enjoy the view. We are a fully featured hotel located 7 minutes from the Capital City. Friendly services, spotless rooms, and great value are some of the things we pride ourselves on delivering to our...

Rosellia Fanucci – Hatha Yoga

Rosellia Fanucci is a Hatha Yoga Teacher from E.F.O.A. University in Rome. Contact Rosellia Fanucci for Hatha Yoga Classes.
Wanderlust Caribbean

Wanderlust Caribbean

Adventure Travel has evolved from pure adrenaline seekers to a broader market of explorers seeking to re-connect with nature, themselves and the world. At Wanderlust Caribbean, we’ve created our adventure travel experiences to provide all the mental and physical benefits that people are seeking in this type of travel.

Emancipation Celebrations

Emancipation Celebrations

Dominica’s Emancipation Celebrations Presented by the National Culture Council and the Division of Culture 2018 Celebrations “Building a Culture of Unity” July 27 to August 4  

Roseau Ferry Terminal

Initially constructed in 1995 and refurbished in 2007, this Ferry Terminal is conveniently located in the Capital of Dominica. There is a Ferry Service: L’Expres des Isles, that offers a great, alternative way to travel to and from the neighbouring islands of...

Courts Optical Dominica Roseau

Visit Courts Optical Dominica Roseau for a complimentary eye test. Choose from a wide range of optical products such as prescription eye glasses and contact lenses.

Hampstead River

Hampstead River originates from the Northeastern part of the Northern Forest Reserve and flows into the Atlantic Coast. The mouth of the river is situated around the area of Hampstead and close the to the villages of Anse de Mai and Calibishie.

Rosalie River

Rosalie River originates from the eastern slopes of Morne Trois Pitons, and flows east to reach the Atlantic Ocean. It flows close to the town of Rosalie.

Pagua River

The Pagua River flows Northeastward, originating from the area of the Central Forest Reserve. One of the longest rivers in Dominica, it runs along the village of Concord and empties into the Atlantic Ocean in Pagua Bay. River Tubing is a popular activity on the river....

Kalinago Week

Kalinago Week has been celebrated during the week of September 19th each year, since 1981. It is to observe the past, (an occurrence in 1930), as well as showcase the rich cultural heritage.  Several activities demonstrating their traditions – dance, crafts,...

Bumpiing Tours

Bumpiing Tours is among the most reliable touring companies in Dominica. It is operated by Levi Baron, a certified Tour Guide and Taxi Operator. Our many services are available to you seven days a week, including holidays. Among these are tours to our natural...

Fredos Taxi & Tour Service

Our mission is to add a touch of heaven to your vacation. We will show you the sights and share with you the many stories behind them and by the end of your tour you will not only see why we love this beautiful little Island so much but you will also love it to.

My Sister Tours

My name is Helen but most people call me “Sister.” I am an Independent Tour Operator and I have been doing this for two years now. If I am your sister, then you are guaranteed a fun time! We can provide different tours catering to different interests and...