Since I’ve been here we’ve fallen into the awesome routine of going to Mero Beach on Sundays, 3 families occasionally 4 families.

My first rejoice upon arriving at the beach was the fact that there was sand!

Brighton beach has some sand, you do have to wait for the tide to go out, by then you’re usually freezing cold and the decision has been made to venture no way near the water.

I remember as a child on my first visit to Dominica my experience of the black sand, “Kim don’t run bare foot on the sand, it’s hot”, did I listen or take the advice? No of course not.

I remembered this time to not stand in one place for too long, my word does it get hot.

If you’ve not yet been to Mero Beach, you may be wondering what there is to do there other than lounge about in the sun and drink Connie’s fruit punches or Kubuli.

We’ve got a pretty good volleyball team going on; it tends to work out as the Grown-Ups v Offspring.

It’s been touch and go with the victory title, both teams have some fantastic players who aren’t afraid to fall face first into the sand!

Each game ends with a well-earned beverage and a dip in the sea.

I’ve had some of the best conversations with my Mom in the ocean as the sun is setting; we’re there with our ice cold Kubuli’s in hand, talking about our life experiences.

All of a sudden a silence comes over us as we see the sunset, here I’ll show you:

Mero Sunset

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