The Desiderata Tremors bowled and batted their way to the Championship of Dominica’s 20/20 Cricket League in the finals held last night at the new Windsor Park Stadium. Spurred on by the first ever half-century in the new stadium from Kirsten Casimir, along with some brilliant wicket-keeping, the Tremours earned their title by a score of 124 to 111 runs over the defending champions, Grand Bazaar Dublanc United.

A few highlights: the Tremors’ Vivian Titre took 2 wickets for 14 runs, while Mervin Mathew got 1 wicket for 17 runs. Dublanc’s Shane Shillingford had 31 runs, but the rest of the team could not deliver.

Here are some “Firsts” in the new Stadium:

  • Kirsten Casimir – First player to hit a 6 & First half century
  • Tyrone Toussaint – First player to hit a 4 & First to get double digits
  • Ray Casimir – First wicket taker

Hundreds of Dominicans turned out to celebrate the re-birth of cricket events in their brand new stadium.