I’ve been trying to put down a few words to explain this last month and what I’ve been up to.

Only three words really cut it: best adventure ever!

You may have seen posts popping up here and there regarding The Nature Island Challenge 2.0where 4 teams were running on segments of the Waitukubuli National Trail in a 4 day endurance race.

For the athletes who had never been to Dominicathis event really showcased the island’s beauty. Only in Dominica will you find 365 different rivers, magnificent waterfalls, breath taking ocean views, rainforests at your doorstep and all kinds of wildlife; now I know why Dominica is called the Nature Island of the Caribbean.

Now there’s no way I ran in this race, my legs would have given out after 10 minutes!

I was asked to assist with the event’s photography, in doing so I got to meet some amazing and awe-inspiring people; I have to say seeing them compete in the race has given me a “kick up the butt” to shed the holiday pounds that I have gained!

My grand tour of Dominica, started in Bellevue Chopin and made its way down to Soufriere; then day two was an adventure from Castle Bruce making its way to Touna Kalinago Heritage Village. It’s so peaceful driving through the winding roads with only shrubbery and forest either side of you.

The third day of The Nature Island Challenge took my adventure up to Borne in the Northwest, then through to Canna Heritage Park in Vieille Case.

Finally saving the best for last; day 4 started on the West coast at Colihaut Heights, through to Syndicate and finishing at the Indian River Bush Bar (Pirates of The Caribbean was filmed there!)

To see the video highlights of the Race Days, check us out on YouTube.

My word some of the views are out of this world. For a change there were moments of silence from me, as I was so overwhelmed by how beautiful Dominica really is.

Even though this is only my second trip to Dominica, I know it will always feel like my second home


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