Aloe Vera - Nature's Remedy

The aloe vera plant is actually native to North Africa. It arrived in the Caribbean in the 19th century on trading ships from Africa.

Aloe vera grows easily in Dominica and is one of several crops mentioned in relation to diversifying the agriculture sector in an attempt to decrease the country’s dependence on bananas.

In the late 1980’s some local businesses did try to make a go of aloe vera. Unfortunately, at that time, large farms in the Dominican Republic had the economic advantage and cornered the market for many aloe vera product manufacturers.

The healing properties of aloe vera are well-known. The gel is used for a variety of remedies, from soothing sunburn, cuts & scraps, to treating more serious burns.

Aloe can also be taken as a drink to help soothe the inside of the body. A cool, soothing glass of aloe ‘juice’ can help relieve heartburn and many say it can heal the damage caused by acid reflux and GERD.

To get to the gel, the leaf is ‘filleted’. See the step-by-step instructions below to simplify the process. As a first-time aloe filleter, I appreciated having this technique explained to me priori to trying it!

Please note that when the leaf is cut from the plant, it can secrete an orangey-yellow sap that has a very pungent odour and is known to stain.

Once you have the raw aloe gel, simply blend it up with water and voila! A refreshing, healing Aloe Drink is before you.

Step 4: Check for any green

Step 1: Trim off the edges

Step 2: Peel skin from one side

Step 3: Peel skin from other side

To make the Aloe Juice

Step 5: Blend aloe gel with cool water

Step 6: Enjoy!