No national symbol is more representative of its country than its Flag.

Dominica’s Flag was originally designed in 1978 by Alwin Bully, a playwright and artist, who is now a national icon himself.


Dr. Lennox Honychurch provides a brief description of the Dominica Flag:flag

“The flag has a green background representing the forested island. A cross, made up of three bands representing “the Trinity of God” is white, black and yellow in colour, and the cross itself “demonstrates belief in God”. According to the designer, Alwin Bully, the colours of each band represent aspects of the land and the ethnic origins of its people: the yellow for the sunshine, the main agricultural products of the island at the time, citrus and bananas and the indigenous Carib/Kalinago people, the black for the soil and the African heritage, the white for the rivers and waterfalls of the island and the European influence.”

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