Dominica’s National Emblems: Coat of Arms

According to Dr. Lennox Honychurch, Dominica’s Coat of Arms was designed in 1coat-of-arms960 by three people:

  • First Chief Minister of Dominica Franklin A. Baron
  • British Administrator of Dominica, Colonel Alec Lovelace
  • Eleanor Lovelace, wife of Colonel Alec Lovelace

In 1961, the Coat of Arms was registered at the College of Arms in London.  The Coat of Arms is to be displayed as follows:

“on Seals, Shields, Banners, Flags or otherwise according to the Laws of Arms”.


The shield is divided into 4 parts and shows:

  1. volcanic soil and a coconut tree
  2. the crapaud – (now an endangered species)
  3. a kalinago canoe with sails
  4. and a banana tree with mature fruit

The Motto is Apres Bondie C’est La Ter and it means “after God, the earth” which shows the significance of soil and agriculture in Dominica.

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