Using a gentle child friendly vocabulary, I Am Dominica addresses the need for children to understand their natural and cultural environments as well as the importance of identity.

I Am Dominica

I Am Dominica is a beautiful book to read, covering cultural traditions as well as the island’s wildlife in and out of the water.

Each segment is written with a lovely, easy flowing rhythm and such simplicity. Paired with the delicate art work of Aaron Hamilton, Mara Etienne-Manley has captured the essence of Dominica and filled every page with it.

The energy, vibrance, sounds, scents, flavours and life of the island are shown in such a way that the reader cannot help but get lost in the words and artwork.

With Dominica being an island that speaks both English and Creole, this unique book embraces this on each page; keeping the Dominican culture alive with a beautiful translation.

I Am Dominica will give readers a fantastic insight into the heart and soul of the people on the island. Each page so wonderfully written reminding children not to forget how marvelous their heritage is.