Every day each of us has that ‘Kodak Moment’ that we want to share with the people we know, be it the sunset, the sea of colours and costumes in the parade, or in my case the insanely cute puppy I met outside Whitchurch the other day; I had to take a picture of him!

My time here so far in Dominica I have taken well over 3,000 photos, all above sea level.

  • Food
  • Palm trees
  • The ocean
  • Waterfalls
  • Sunsets
  • Kubuli bottles in the sun

You name it I’ve done it.

Being someone who is quite snap-happy with my camera and my phone, I thought taking photos underwater would be the next logical step.

Dad and I went down to Sunset Bay Dive Club; we decided a shore dive is best when combining a camera with your dive for the first time.

The rules of underwater photography are to control your buoyancy, and get close up.

Having only recently learnt to dive, buoyancy control is something I’m yet to master, it doesn’t come easily. There I was looking at a lobster that was in the perfect pose, it would have been silly not to try and take the shot, so I lined the camera up, tried my best to steady myself and then ‘click’.

I did this a few times, as they say practise makes perfect.


After looking at the photos I took, let’s just say I’ll leave the underwater photography to the professionals at Images Dominica™.