Master of Ceremonies Alex “Mighty Pawol” Bruno has dubbed this year’s Calypso Semi-Finals the “Kaiso Finals Part One.” With the absence of reigning Calypso King Dice, tonight’s competition will send ten Calypsonians to the final showdown in two weeks time.  We have all missed the presence of King Dice and last year’s runner-up Daddy Chess, but there is no doubt that Dominica’s Calypso is alive and well!

Long-time Calypsonian Checker has come out of retirement. New faces have stepped into the spotlight – the Gachette sisters Della & Fadillah. Three previous Kings (Hunter, Scrunter & Observer) are competing. Not to mention a host of recent favourites: Tarina, Leandra, Sugar S.,  Son of Saint. And a “whopping crowd” has filled the grounds of Newtown Savannah to watch it all.

The Twenty Competitors in Tonight’s Line-up:

1. Picky – “I Picking You”
2. The Comforter  – “Puppet Abuse”
3. Jamma B – “Wake Up”
4. Hunter – “Kaiso My Love”
5. Beetle J  – “Change the Music”
6. Man Himslef  – “Zest”
7. Checker – “Free At Last”
8. Della – “Let Go”
9. Fadillah – “Hard Times”
10. Basie – “Something Black”
11. Tarina – “An Endangered Species”
12. Sugar S – “They Foolin’ We”
13. Lady Star – “A Chinese Proverb”
14. Boople – “Don’t Let Me Talk”
15. Karessah – “Pastor’s Rod”
16. Scrunter – “Manifesto”
17. Sye – “No Boom Boom”
18. Observer – “Shut Up Legislation”
19. Son of Saint – “A Rebel to Honourable”
20. Leandra – “Addicted”

Who will move on…? Results to follow shortly – in Part Two of Part One.

12.42 am – And the Ten Finalists are…

  • Picky
  • Hunter
  • Man Himself
  • Tarina
  • Sugar S
  • Lady Star
  • Karessah
  • Scrunter
  • Sye
  • Observer

See you Saturday, February 21st for the Finals!

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