Becoming a certified diver is one of my biggest achievements, and to have been able to do it here in Dominica made the experience so much better.

Having become a certified diver within the last 5 months, the idea of going diving without the watchful eye of my Dad ( a Dive Instructor) was a bit daunting; alas I’m so glad that I did it, and to have done it with a friend too was a great experience.

Brenda and I booked our dives with Al-Dive. Our boat captain said that we were headed South to Scott’s Head for our the experience. During the boat ride Brenda and I were asking questions about the dive site, what to expect to see, how deep is it, and at what depth would we be doing our safety stop; things every diver should know before they get into the water.

As a standard hand signal to the trained diver the “thumbs-up” indicates you’re going up to the surface. For me I do this signal on a daily basis; on dry land it means cool! So to not confuse our dive guide, we had switched to the “rock-on” hand signal instead of the “thumbs-up”. At least this way we both knew we were having fun!


Now as you know, Lionfish are an issue for the population of the fish on the island, my dad and his business partner are your local ‘Lionfish Hunters’, they get them from the sea, to the restaurant and onto your plates!

I was on the lookout for these deadly yet beautiful fish and only spotted one; the Lionfish cull is doing well in the south of the island.

After our adventure into the Big Blue, Brenda and I toasted with a Kubuli and a Guinness at The Loft, whilst watching the dolphins at sunset. It was a perfect way to end the day.


The Loft

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