Independence Celebrations is a vibrant, colourful time in Dominica.

It’s time to wear madras, eat traditional creole food, and listen to the sounds of jing ping music!

Cultural Group

This week features:

  • Creole in the Park – Monday through Thursday at the Roseau Botanic Gardens (official website).
  • World Creole Music Festival – Friday, Saturday & Sunday at the Stadium (official website).

Here are some highlights of other activities during the upcoming week:

  • Steelband Festival – Monday night, October 25th on the Bayfront
  • Traditional Culture Night – Wednesday night, Oct. 27th on the Bayfront
  • National Wob Dwiyet Pageant – Thursday, Oct.28th at The Old Mill, Canefield
  • Creole Day Dress Parade – Friday, Oct. 29th, 11 am in Roseau
  • Market Day with a Difference – Saturday, Oct. 30th at Roseau Market
  • Creole Bord la Mer – Sunday, Oct. 31st, Roseau Bayfront from 6 am.

For a full schedule of Independence activities, visit