There is something truly magical about Dominica, it’s not one of those countries where you can’t stay for 2 weeks and feel like you’ve really experienced all that it has to offer.

Having come from a hectic life back in England (always busy, fretting about all kinds of things), arriving in Dominica has forced me to adapt my lifestyle. I’ve learnt to take things at a slower pace; there’s no reason to rush to the shop, why sweat extra when you can walk slowly and still buy the things you need.

You can’t walk from one end of town to the other without someone stopping you to say hello, asking where you are from and seeing if you are enjoying your stay in their beautiful country. It’s amazing to meet people who are so proud of where they live and who want to show it off at every opportunity!

When I first arrived in Dominica so many people said that I’d fall in love with the island, they were certain that I would be staying and not want to leave; I have to say, they were right!

Something about this place has gotten under my skin, and it’s left me craving more.

Sunset at Mero Beach

I know there are so many more adventures to be had on The Nature Island of The Caribbean; so many things that I haven’t managed to do this time. Believe me they’ve been added to list for next time.

Those are just the things off the top of my head, I know there is so much more to experience.

I recently learnt of the phrase “I going, to come back”, it took me a few moments to figure it out; you’re going and you’re coming back.

So you might be in a bar and you need to go home to get something but you will be back.

In my case, I’m going back to England for a while and I will be coming back to Dominica!

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