More good news for travellers to Dominica!

In a Press Release by the Fort Young Hotel on November 24th, 2008,  the Fort Young Hotel announced its new relationship with Sisserou Airways. An excerpt is here:

Flying on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays between Sint Maarten and Dominica allows US-travelers to make an easy, reliable and affordable connection. With major US-carriers like American Airlines, US Airways, Continental and Jet Blue flying into Saint Maarten using the Sisserou Airways-connection is a logical choice.

Departing St Maarten at 4 PM and leaving Dominica on 8 AM and 12.45 Noon with a 45 minute flight, makes it easy to connect on both the inbound as well as the outbound flights.

And that ‘s not all..

  • The Fort Young is offering Special Dive Packages.
  • Second Checked Piece of Luggage for guests of the Fort Young Hotel will be discounted 50%, as announced by Director of Operations of Sisserou Airways, Mr. Erwin Ferreira