Karessah Performing 'Dogs on the Track'

Dominica has been resonating with the sounds of Calypso during the 2010 Real Mas Carnival Celebrations which have just come to a close.

Last Saturday night at the Grand Calypso Finals, Portsmouth MP Ian Douglas made history when he appeared on stage with the defending Calypso Monarch Karessah.

At the end of Karessah’s second song “Dogs on the Track,” the Portsmouth MP made his Calypso debut.

Hon. Ian Douglas

Photos Courtesy of ImagesDominca.com

Karessah went on to win the 2010 Calypso Monarch Crown.

This is just the most recent demonstration of the Minister of Tourism’s enthusiasm for his job. In July 2008, he became the island’s first Minister of Tourism to go Scuba Diving. He enjoyed it so much, he followed it up by completing a dive course and becoming a certified scuba diver.