National Geographic TravelerEarlier this month National Geographic Traveler Magazine and the National Geographic Center for Sustainable Destinations conducted its 4th annual “Destination Scorecard survey. ” This survey was designed to assess how various island destinations were holding up under the influence of Tourism. It identified six categories ranging from ‘Catastrophic’ impact to ‘Enhanced.’ Dominica placed well with a score of 77 indicating “Minor Difficulties.” This score is just nine points shy of the next category at 86 which is “Authentic, unspoiled, and likely to remain so.” Something to strive for for the 2008 survey!

Dominica Score: 77

“Beautiful country. Still largely forested, amazing biodiversity, great bird watching and scuba diving. Because Dominica doesn’t possess the traditional beaches of the Caribbean, it is often overlooked.”

“The Nature Isle is aptly named—awesome power and incredible beauty of nature unspoiled. Its lush mountains, indigenous population, art, craft, agro-based products, and small-scale accommodation facilities all add to the opportunity for sustainable tourism development.”

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