Tuesday’s election in the USA is still reverberating throughout the Caribbean region.  It seems as if everyone has taken personal pride in Mr. Obama’s successful run for the US Presidency. And why not? He has inspired people from all races, all backgrounds, all economic classes to do something special… to hope.

Uniquely Caribbean tributes to Barack Obama include writing songs about him, re-naming mountains in his honour (if Antigua’s Prime Minister Spencer has his way, their tallest mountain will be re-named Mount Obama), and generally delivering an overwhelming mass of good wishes.

My favourite song is “Barack the Magnificent” by The Mighty Sparrow, a renown Trinidadian Calypsonian.


Here in Dominica, Obama t-shirts were everywhere throughout our Reunion Independence Celebrations.

Front Page of The Chronicle Newspaper

Front Page of The Chronicle Newspaper

And Mr. Obama’s face graced the front page of this week’s Chronicle Newspaper.