“For the adjective meaning of or relating to botany or the cultivation of plantsbotanic and botanical are both acceptable, and there is no difference between them, but botanical is more common in 21st-century English.” – source: grammarist.com

There’s something magical about walking through the 40 acres that make up Dominica’s Botanical Gardens.

The gardens were originally created in 1890 with over 500 different species of tropical trees and shrubs when the garden was fully developed, I can’t even begin to imagine the various wildlife inhabitants that would have been thriving in there at the time.

90 years later, Hurricane David tore through Dominica flattening trees and buildings in its path, destroying roads and bridges that went in and out of Roseau Town.

The only physical evidence of the hurricane is the yellow school bus that was crushed by a gigantic African Baobab Tree in the Gardens.

As destructive as Mother Nature is, years after this catastrophic event the African Baobab Tree continues to flourish and flower each year, even with the Bus in its clasp.



There are many different flowers and plants that can be seen throughout the gardens, displaying a beautiful array of colours and scents.

Ixora Flower

Banyan Tree Roots

Bamboo Hut

The Botanic Gardens in Roseau are a perfect getaway for a lunch break or a morning stroll before work.

There are many different spots to explore within the Gardens, whether its the Parrot Aviary, the Bamboo House or a small hike up Jacks Walk for a magnificent aerial view of Roseau from Morne Bruce.


Flowering Petrea