GuavaDid you know that a guava has four to five times the amount of fiber as an apple? And 19 times the amount of vitamin C!

Dominicans are lucky to have access to all sorts of healthy fruits and vegetables on a year-round basis. Granted, we have been suffering a little lately due to Hurricane Dean. But aside from natural disasters interrupting our agricultural cycle, we normally find many fresh fruits around us every day.

Guava, grapefruit, oranges, passionfruit, papaya and bananas are usually available in the market throughout the year. Recently, watermelon and pineapples have also been steadily available.

Cherries, mangoes, soursop and carmbola are more seasonal, generally appearing in six-month cycles in May and again in November.

This is a hot topic these days, as a symposium on agri-tourism is about to convene here in Dominica. The goal of this first-time event is to bring the players in the agriculture and tourism sectors together. The hope is that once connected, they will find innovative ways to work together, both strengthening Dominica’s food security at home and presenting a viable, desired product to our island’s visitors.