Making the trek to Dominica’s Boiling Lake is a once-in-a-lifetime experience… and when you get to do it a second, third and fourth time, it gets even better!

Some favourite things about this tremendously challenging, thoroughly rewarding hike:

  1. Spending time with family & friends (and making new friends!) out in Dominica’s wilderness.
  2. Listening to the rhythm of hiking feet as they beat their own tune along the rainforest path.
  3. Gazing in awe at the landscape in the Valley of Desolation.
  4. Literally breathing in the ambiance sitting along the rim of the Boiling Lake.
  5. Soaking in the natural hot pools to rejuvenate for the return hike, knowing you are in the middle of nowhere.

When you finish the hike and return to Titou Gorge, the immediate reaction is to check your watch and count – 6 hours! 9 hours! 3 hours! (well, I’ve never seen that one on my wrist). But all competitiveness aside, from now on I’m aiming for the longest time possible.

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