Green Eye Productions in Loubiere is producing a variety of organic green-banana products including flour, cereal, grain, slices and coffee — to name a few.


Organic, Sun-Dried and Gluten-Free!

Using banana and other provisions that are organically grown and sun-dried, brothers Albert & Julie Joseph (Green Eye Productions)  are now selling a wide variety of all-natural, gluten-free (and non-GMO) flour and grain.


  • Banana –  Slices, Cereal, Flakes, Fine Grain, Heavy Grain, Roasted, Flour, Coffee (all made from green banana)
  • Plantain – Slices, Big Grain, Flour
  • Cocoy – Fine Grain, Flour, Heavy Grain
  • Breadnut – Flour, Coffee, Sliced
  • Yam – Coffee, Grain, Flour
  • Sweet Potato – Flour

More products are on the way, including pumpkin and eggplant!


A One-Pound bag of Banana Flour is hitting the market at EC $12.

Where to Buy

You can find Albert and Julie in Loubiere at Long Side River Side Cuisine (on the bridge at Grand Bay Junction).  Contact numbers: (767) 245-4707 or (767) 315-1066

Their ever-growing line of products will also be available at Roseau’s Saturday Market (covered area).  We will keep you posted on other outlets, where to buy online, and more.