Mountains of Dominica

All about Dominica’s geological make up

It is clear that Dominica is more vertical than horizontal.

This diagram taken from The Dominica Story: A History of the Island by Lennox Honychurch, shows a cross section of Dominica and the location of the various forest types as they relate to altitude, rainfall and wind patterns.

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MountainHeight (ft)Height (m)GPS
Bellevue Mountain1,903217
Deux Jardins1,070326
Mang Peak1,642500
Morne Anglais (Couliabourne)3,6831,123
Morne aux Delices1,396426
Morne aux Diables2,816858
Morne Balvine
Morne Cola Anglais2,331710
Morne Concorde2,027618
Morne Couronne2,312705
Morne Diablotins4,7471,447
Morne Espagnol1,198365
Morne Fraser2,272693
Morne Gouveneue
Morne John
Morne Los Resources3,7981,158
Morne Macaque / Micotrin4,0061,221
Morne Negres Marrons2,248685
Morne Nichols3,168966
Morne Patates1,350411
Morne Plat Pays2,636803
Morne Trois Pitons4,5501,387
Morne Turner2,341714
Morne Watt / Watt Mountain4,0171,224
Mosquito Mountain

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